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We are an international team based in San Francisco and Shanghai representing eight nationalities. We're passionate about 3D printing and creating a delightful experience.

In 2015, we decided it was time to change 3D printing and make it accessible to more makers: reliable printers were very expensive, while lower-cost models are quite cheap and make it too easy for 3D printing to lose its charm — right when you take it out of the box, for instance, and realize you have to assemble a thousand pieces. This is why we created Trinus: a modular-scuctured printer that is easy to assemble and cuts down production costs by reducing the number of components. Made of metal and high-grade parts, Trinus brings industry-grade printing to the home.

In March 2016 we launched Trinus on Kickstarter, where 3,147 backers joined our mission and made a new chapter in 3D printing possible. By the end of the campaign, we raised over $1.6 million. Our backers' feedback helped us make Trinus even better, and now Trinus is available and ready to make the world a more creative place. We are committed to enabling people to be makers, and we have big plans. Join us.

The Story Behind The Name Kodama Coming Soon

Behind every world-changing invention is a brilliant thinker. You can thank Edison for the lightbulb, Ford for the Model T and the Wright brothers for flight. 3D printing is the brainchild of a man named Hideo Kodama. In 1981 Kodama started the 3D printing revolution by inventing additive manufacturing methods. The age of accessible 3D printing for everyone is upon us, and in naming our company Kodama, we want the world to know the man who will go down in history as the father of 3D printing.

In Japanese folklore, "kodamas" (木魅) are spirits that inhabit trees. It is said that honoring a kodama brings blessings and good fortune. At Kodama we believe in honoring the spirit of creativity, and look forward to the incredible new ideas and inventions the future will bring in layer by layer, like the rings of the trees kodamas reside in.

We give thanks to Hideo Kodama and his contributions to 3D printing. This technology in your hands democratizes production and opens up new possibilities for everything from medicine to fashion, from food to architecture. Anything you can envision, you can make. We are excited to explore these possibilities with you.

Michael Husmann CEO

From Germany/Poland

Danny Chong Logistics Coordinator

From Netherlands

Lukas Business Development Manager

From Germany

Maxim Galenkin Procurement

From Russia

Yunkai Head Engineer

From China

Arturo IT Director.

From The United States


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